Metro Transit – Moving Forward Together

The North End Business Association attended pre-consultation focus groups put on by Metro Transit around the next five years of transit service.

We are concerned by a number of trends:
– Despite an 18.7% increase in the number of service hours by Metro Transit, ridership only increased by 2.7% over the last 5 years;
– This despite a population increase of 6.3% during that period – meaning ridership didn’t even keep up with the population growth;

– Over the last two years, public satisfaction with metro transit has decreased from 77% to 61%;

– Fare box renewal has decreased and taxpayers are shouldering more of the cost of providing service;
– Businesses consistently rank public transit as one of the least satisfactory municipal services provided.
It is clear that our current network expansion is not encouraging more residents to consider transit. As such, we’ve brought the message that we need to re-think our approach to transit and how it best serves residents. We need to listen to residents, hear their concerns, and design a transit system that provides a high level of service where potential ridership is greatest. Once we have our core system right, we can expand from there.
The North End Business Association continues to work with the Its More Than Buses initiative – whose consultations with the public produced central tenets of dependability, frequency, ease of use and integration with other modes of transportation. We, along with the other members of Its More Than Buses, continue to work to ensure this message is heard by our leaders.

If you are interested in providing your feedback or ideas on how our transit system can work better, contact