Commercial Tax Reform

Coming to Council Soon: Commercial Tax Reform Staff Report 


Back in April 2015 Councillors Mason and Outhit requested a staff report and recommendations for changes to the commercial tax structure and for implementation approaches that shall:

  • Address concerns regarding small and independent businesses in the central business district and main street and commercial corridors
  • Outline options to address these issues
  • Contain pros and cons of various courses of action
  • Be returned for Council consideration no later than October 2015 so consideration can be
  • given by Council prior to the 2016/2017 budget.

NEBA, together with Quinpool Road Area Business Association, submitted a position paper on Commercial Tax Reform to HRM providing input on our issues with the current commercial tax system and suggesting ways to help mitigate the ill-effects of the current tax system on small businesses — particularly those in districts where redevelopment is driving up tax assessments and placing large tax burdens small mainstreet businesses. The full position paper is available HERE, and we will be hosting a NEBA Meet and Greet in the next couple of weeks to present the findings from the research that was conducted over the summer and the details of our position paper.

MOST IMPORTANT: Please stay tuned for an announcement about the HRM Staff Report to Council on Commercial Taxes. If this issue matters to you, it is critical you come to the council meeting and show council that something needs to be done! Once we know when this item is on the council agenda we will send out a message to all members. Please help by spreading the word. Taxes are only going to go up more — possibly like Quinpool, where some businesses experienced 50% increases and more last year. We need to let Council know that such increases can not be absorbed by small businesses, and small businesses on our mainstreets matter. They should not carry a disproportionate share of the burden of taxes for the municipality.