Parking Permits in the North End

Effective July 2014, HRM will be selling monthly parking permits in one, two or three month increments. Previously these were only available on a monthly basis. 

Halifax’s monthly permit parking initiative helps manage on-street parking demands on residential streets that are used by commuters for parking during the day.  When residents request changes to parking regulations to improve their access, HRM can respond in three ways:
1) adding a one or two hour parking limit; 2) restricting parking during specific hours during the day;  or, 3) creating permit parking only zones.  While the first two options have the effect of restricting all-day parking, permit parking tries to accommodate both resident and commuter needs.  Halifax is one of two municipalities in Canada that has such a program.
Revenue from the sale of monthly parking permits supports the implementation of sustainable transportation options such as transit, bicycling and carpooling.
Monthly parking permits cost $30 per month and are available at HRM Customer Service Centres on the 15th day of the preceding month.  There are a limited number of permits available for each street.  More information, including locations are available at: