FRAMING UP THE HOLIDAYS: Jennifer Jacobson, Studio 14 Gifts & Gallery

How do you celebrate the holidays?12363048_1104569306220649_5544510473809347746_o
“I’m Jewish so although my family doesn’t celebrate Christmas I will be grateful for 2 days off in a row since I will have worked 35 days straight leading up to Christmas!”

“At my place, the thing I look forward to most about the season is my husband’s delicious Hanukkah potato Latkes!”
“At Studio 14, many people come in to frame their children’s artwork for their grandparents around Christmastime”

Giving back:
“At the store we do gift wrapping and sell Christmas ornaments, especially European glass.”

Best gift idea:
Framed Allan Syliboy aboriginal artwork – $30 for 8×10 or $60 for 10X12

Jennifer is the “proprietress” of Studio 14 at 2393 Agricola Street where she acts as somewhat of an art historian, having framed around half a million frames in her life time. She has been professionally framing since she was eleven years old in her parents store in Moncton.

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MAKING THE MAGIC: Evyeneia Dexter, Foxy Moon

How do you celebrate the holidays? 12370958_1107397569271156_7461600556468208545_o
“Well I used to work in retail over the holidays and that just killed the joy of Christmas, so now I’m intentional about not playing obnoxious Christmas music throughout November in my shop!”
“My view of the holidays has changed because of my 3 1/2 year-old son, I want to bring back the magic for him again, and it’s making it magical for me too”

“We used to play games and gamble with my Quebecois Grandma on Christmas, even as kids we would play Yatzee for pennies!”

Giving back:
“We like to donate our mini samples to Phoenix House to help with their heath and hygiene programs”

Best gift idea:
Soaps, lip balm and breath freshener -each under $20
Beard care for men -around $20

Evyeneia Dexter is the owner of Foxy Moon Hair Gallery at 2725 Agricola Street with her very cute and friendly dog Astor, where it is their passion to “make people look beautiful for Christmas”.
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SEASONAL STYLE: Ken McRobbie, 31 Westgate

How do you celebrate the holidays? 12356660_1106517232692523_3652968153891449997_o
“Although we visit family in New Brunswick, we mostly like to stay local. My partner and I enjoy hosting dinner for a dozen people with a classic crowd-pleasing turkey.”

“Every year we read ‘The Night Before Christmas’ to our son (who might not appreciate it the same way anymore since he’s now 13 years old!)”
“At 31 Westgate we think it’s important to engage our clients and staff so we usually host a cocktail party or get-together event during the season as well.”

Giving back:
“We’ve donated decor to the QE2 Dream Cottage, as well as supported mental health through the Festival of Trees Christmas Auction.”

Best gift idea:
Ralph Lauren scented candle -$60 to $100

Ken is a co-owner and designer at 31 Westgate furniture store at 2698 Agricola Street and an annual champion of his family party game ‘The Casserole Game’ (a twist on the game ‘Catchphrase’, pulling names to guess from a casserole dish). Ken thinks it’s important to make fine decor and style accessible to everyone in the North End regardless of financial circumstances.
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A CHEESY CHRISTMAS: Lindsay Stewart, Big Pony

How do you celebrate the holidays? 12356719_1105450039465909_5111955443634597839_o
“I’m an only child so I usually go over to my parents’ place and eat their food. It’s very chill.”
“Big Pony is hosting round 2 of ‘Holidaze’ pop-ups featuring over 20 local artists.”

“Thanksgiving poutine. It’s the turkey dinner style holiday meal all mashed together with a bunch of cheese on it, sans fries. Because I can’t have a meal without cheese. It’s not a meal until there’s cheese on it!”

Giving back:
“Big Pony is a drop off location for the Shoe-box Project, an organization that distributes gifts to women at-risk of homelessness in North America.”

Best gift idea:
Pins and patches make great stocking stuffers – under $10
Custom Goldeen bracelets by Ashley Hayes -$40

Lindsay is the co-ower of Big Pony at 2168 Gottingen Street where they have been known to host “Beiber Yoga” twice a week (which is exactly as awesome as it sounds). Lindsay loves the like-minded people and vibrant diversity along Gottingen Street and throughout the North End. She also really loves cheese.

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-Peter Dykhuis, Hermes Art Gallery


How do you celebrate the holidays?
“My family has a few major birthdays in December, with my daughter’s only nine minutes before Christmas, so we try to spread out the cheer as much as we can. Over three days we celebrate birthdays, a Christmas brunch, and the family dinner on Boxing day to take stress and quarrelling out of the holidays.”

“We have our Christmas dinner with competing chefs; my wife and my 90-year-old mother-in-law are both very good cooks!”

Giving back:
“There are many people in Halifax who don’t have family nearby, so at Hermes we make a family out of the North End arts community.”
“All our staff are unpaid and give their artwork and volunteer time to the gallery.”

Best gift idea:
During the seasonal ‘Holiday sparkles’ event, the co-op members feature high-quality art for
-under $500 in the main space
-under $100 in the side space

Peter is an owner of Hermes Art Gallery and has his own artwork shown all over the globe. It’s been a year since the start of the collective and Peter is still a firm believer in “making it up as we go”. Hermes Art Gallery is open Saturday and Sundays.
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– Saskia Roch Aesthetics


How do you celebrate the holidays?
“I like to visit family in Valley and get together with the staff here. It’s always nice to have some down time during this season.”

“My family does our celebrations on Christmas Eve. I never minded that as a kid because we got to open our presents before everyone else and then do it all again at Grandma’s the next day!”
“We also eat fish instead of turkey or ham in keeping with Polish tradition.”

Giving back:
“We like to give to the refugee clinic and to Feed Nova Scotia, but we focus on helping our clients de-stress and detox so they can be festive over the holidays.”

Best gift idea:
Hot stone pedicure -$65 for an hour and a half
Aroma therapy treatment essential oils – $40 for 30-40 mins

Saskia Roch is the owner of Saskia Roch Aesthetics located inside Foxy Moon Hair Gallery on Agricola Street where her favourite way to help people be bright for the holidays is through facials and classic pedicures that maintain the integrity of the nail. She also makes her own oils from vitamin C serum.

COMIC RIDDLES: Mike Crossman, Monster Comic Lounge
How do you celebrate the holidays?
“Gifts are always nice but the most important part for me is hanging out with family”
“On every Christmas gift my family writes clues to each other; riddles or puns to guess what’s inside. It prolongs the process of gift opening and helps us be more attentive to one another.”
Giving back:
“All our staff at Monster Comic are obsessive pets fans(!), so we’re hosting a gift wrap service with proceeds going to the SPCA”
Best gift idea:
Family board games -aprx $50 (between $20-$100)
Star Wars figures coinciding with the new movie release -$15Mike is the owner & operator of Monster Comic Loungue at 2089 Gottingen Street. He studied engineering but now he’s living the dream running his own comic shop, without the help of his cat named Monkey.

— at North End, Halifax.

Wendy Friedman, Independent Merchantile


How do you celebrate the holidays?
“We love good food and hosting parties! Especially when my sister comes to visit and I get to see my four-year-old niece …I’m obsessed with my niece!”

“The Shambala equivalent of a Christmas tree is a shrine created with natural elements to celebrate Children’s Day. Buddhists celebrate this holiday on the eve before solstice, representing all that brings light into the darkest time of the year with candles, singing, and gathering of friends.”

Giving back:
“The Independent Mercantile likes to give financial support to Parker Street Food and Furniture Bank on Maynard Street around the holiday season and to Doctors Without Borders (MSF) because they both contribute in such direct practical ways.”

Best gift idea:
The North End toque (from Tuck Shop’s Neighbourhood toque collection, made in Canada) -$38

Wendy is the proprietor of Independent Mercantile at 2091 Gottingen Street where she always has great music playing and enjoys investing in locally made products that make your home cozier. ‪#‎BuyLocalPledge ‬‪#‎GiveNorth‬



Big Melt Challenge


big meltWho knows what is about to be revealed when those mountains of ice and snow that line our streets melt, but early signs show it might not be pretty. We will be working with Halifax Maintenance to try to stay on top of the situation. As well, we pay an independent contractor to help with street cleaning efforts. If you see overflowing garbage bins, or garbage that needs to be picked up, call 311 or send us a message. Any assistance you can lend in helping our street clean-up efforts is always appreciated.

  • Send us a photo of your street cleaning good deed and be entered to win one of five Gottingen T-shirt giveaways, as well as make it on our WALL OF FAME!! ‪#‎BigMelt‬
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