Job Opportunity – Archival Researcher & Exhibit Curator

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Archival Researcher and Exhibit Curator

In recognition of the 100th Anniversary of the Halifax Explosion, the North End Business
Association (NEBA) is planning an archival photo exhibition to be displayed throughout the
North End Business Association District. NEBA is looking to hire a researcher and exhibit

The successful candidate will be required to:
• Conduct research at the Nova Scotia Archives and other sources to identify photos that
can be used in the exhibit.
• Collect available information on the photos to provide context and a story behind the
photo where applicable.
• Based on location (distribution throughout district), significance, public interest, and
collaboration with home and business owners, select 40 images to be printed, mounted,
and displayed over the 3 month duration leading up the anniversary (Sept 6 – Dec 6).
• Prepare digital versions of the photos and the stories for uploading onto a pre-existing
digital platform.
• Assist with the installation, maintenance, and disassembly of the exhibit.
• May be called upon to represent NEBA at meetings and public events related to the
Halifax Explosion program.

Desired skills and experience include:
• Research experience. Archival research or familiarity with the Nova Scotia archives
considered an asset.
• Knowledge of digital and print technologies.
• Experience curating photo exhibits.
• Knowledge or interest in the North End and the Halifax Explosion considered an asset.
• Ability to manage time and work independently.
• Good communications skills.
• Experience working with on-line platforms considered an asset.

The successful candidate will report directly to the Executive Director of NEBA and will be
supported by NEBA staff. This is a contract position. Total remuneration for this position is
$3,500. All additional project costs will be covered by NEBA, in adherence with our budget.
Suggested breakdown of time:
Research and Selection: 70 hours
Printing, Installation, Maintenance: 70 hours
Digital Content: 40 hours
Meetings, logistics, and member outreach: 20 hours.
To be considered for this job please submit your resume along with a letter of interest
about why you want to work on this project to by June 12th 2017.


FRAMING UP THE HOLIDAYS: Jennifer Jacobson, Studio 14 Gifts & Gallery

How do you celebrate the holidays?12363048_1104569306220649_5544510473809347746_o
“I’m Jewish so although my family doesn’t celebrate Christmas I will be grateful for 2 days off in a row since I will have worked 35 days straight leading up to Christmas!”

“At my place, the thing I look forward to most about the season is my husband’s delicious Hanukkah potato Latkes!”
“At Studio 14, many people come in to frame their children’s artwork for their grandparents around Christmastime”

Giving back:
“At the store we do gift wrapping and sell Christmas ornaments, especially European glass.”

Best gift idea:
Framed Allan Syliboy aboriginal artwork – $30 for 8×10 or $60 for 10X12

Jennifer is the “proprietress” of Studio 14 at 2393 Agricola Street where she acts as somewhat of an art historian, having framed around half a million frames in her life time. She has been professionally framing since she was eleven years old in her parents store in Moncton.

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MAKING THE MAGIC: Evyeneia Dexter, Foxy Moon

How do you celebrate the holidays? 12370958_1107397569271156_7461600556468208545_o
“Well I used to work in retail over the holidays and that just killed the joy of Christmas, so now I’m intentional about not playing obnoxious Christmas music throughout November in my shop!”
“My view of the holidays has changed because of my 3 1/2 year-old son, I want to bring back the magic for him again, and it’s making it magical for me too”

“We used to play games and gamble with my Quebecois Grandma on Christmas, even as kids we would play Yatzee for pennies!”

Giving back:
“We like to donate our mini samples to Phoenix House to help with their heath and hygiene programs”

Best gift idea:
Soaps, lip balm and breath freshener -each under $20
Beard care for men -around $20

Evyeneia Dexter is the owner of Foxy Moon Hair Gallery at 2725 Agricola Street with her very cute and friendly dog Astor, where it is their passion to “make people look beautiful for Christmas”.
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SEASONAL STYLE: Ken McRobbie, 31 Westgate

How do you celebrate the holidays? 12356660_1106517232692523_3652968153891449997_o
“Although we visit family in New Brunswick, we mostly like to stay local. My partner and I enjoy hosting dinner for a dozen people with a classic crowd-pleasing turkey.”

“Every year we read ‘The Night Before Christmas’ to our son (who might not appreciate it the same way anymore since he’s now 13 years old!)”
“At 31 Westgate we think it’s important to engage our clients and staff so we usually host a cocktail party or get-together event during the season as well.”

Giving back:
“We’ve donated decor to the QE2 Dream Cottage, as well as supported mental health through the Festival of Trees Christmas Auction.”

Best gift idea:
Ralph Lauren scented candle -$60 to $100

Ken is a co-owner and designer at 31 Westgate furniture store at 2698 Agricola Street and an annual champion of his family party game ‘The Casserole Game’ (a twist on the game ‘Catchphrase’, pulling names to guess from a casserole dish). Ken thinks it’s important to make fine decor and style accessible to everyone in the North End regardless of financial circumstances.
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A CHEESY CHRISTMAS: Lindsay Stewart, Big Pony

How do you celebrate the holidays? 12356719_1105450039465909_5111955443634597839_o
“I’m an only child so I usually go over to my parents’ place and eat their food. It’s very chill.”
“Big Pony is hosting round 2 of ‘Holidaze’ pop-ups featuring over 20 local artists.”

“Thanksgiving poutine. It’s the turkey dinner style holiday meal all mashed together with a bunch of cheese on it, sans fries. Because I can’t have a meal without cheese. It’s not a meal until there’s cheese on it!”

Giving back:
“Big Pony is a drop off location for the Shoe-box Project, an organization that distributes gifts to women at-risk of homelessness in North America.”

Best gift idea:
Pins and patches make great stocking stuffers – under $10
Custom Goldeen bracelets by Ashley Hayes -$40

Lindsay is the co-ower of Big Pony at 2168 Gottingen Street where they have been known to host “Beiber Yoga” twice a week (which is exactly as awesome as it sounds). Lindsay loves the like-minded people and vibrant diversity along Gottingen Street and throughout the North End. She also really loves cheese.

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-Peter Dykhuis, Hermes Art Gallery


How do you celebrate the holidays?
“My family has a few major birthdays in December, with my daughter’s only nine minutes before Christmas, so we try to spread out the cheer as much as we can. Over three days we celebrate birthdays, a Christmas brunch, and the family dinner on Boxing day to take stress and quarrelling out of the holidays.”

“We have our Christmas dinner with competing chefs; my wife and my 90-year-old mother-in-law are both very good cooks!”

Giving back:
“There are many people in Halifax who don’t have family nearby, so at Hermes we make a family out of the North End arts community.”
“All our staff are unpaid and give their artwork and volunteer time to the gallery.”

Best gift idea:
During the seasonal ‘Holiday sparkles’ event, the co-op members feature high-quality art for
-under $500 in the main space
-under $100 in the side space

Peter is an owner of Hermes Art Gallery and has his own artwork shown all over the globe. It’s been a year since the start of the collective and Peter is still a firm believer in “making it up as we go”. Hermes Art Gallery is open Saturday and Sundays.
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– Saskia Roch Aesthetics


How do you celebrate the holidays?
“I like to visit family in Valley and get together with the staff here. It’s always nice to have some down time during this season.”

“My family does our celebrations on Christmas Eve. I never minded that as a kid because we got to open our presents before everyone else and then do it all again at Grandma’s the next day!”
“We also eat fish instead of turkey or ham in keeping with Polish tradition.”

Giving back:
“We like to give to the refugee clinic and to Feed Nova Scotia, but we focus on helping our clients de-stress and detox so they can be festive over the holidays.”

Best gift idea:
Hot stone pedicure -$65 for an hour and a half
Aroma therapy treatment essential oils – $40 for 30-40 mins

Saskia Roch is the owner of Saskia Roch Aesthetics located inside Foxy Moon Hair Gallery on Agricola Street where her favourite way to help people be bright for the holidays is through facials and classic pedicures that maintain the integrity of the nail. She also makes her own oils from vitamin C serum.

COMIC RIDDLES: Mike Crossman, Monster Comic Lounge
How do you celebrate the holidays?
“Gifts are always nice but the most important part for me is hanging out with family”
“On every Christmas gift my family writes clues to each other; riddles or puns to guess what’s inside. It prolongs the process of gift opening and helps us be more attentive to one another.”
Giving back:
“All our staff at Monster Comic are obsessive pets fans(!), so we’re hosting a gift wrap service with proceeds going to the SPCA”
Best gift idea:
Family board games -aprx $50 (between $20-$100)
Star Wars figures coinciding with the new movie release -$15Mike is the owner & operator of Monster Comic Loungue at 2089 Gottingen Street. He studied engineering but now he’s living the dream running his own comic shop, without the help of his cat named Monkey.

— at North End, Halifax.

Wendy Friedman, Independent Merchantile


How do you celebrate the holidays?
“We love good food and hosting parties! Especially when my sister comes to visit and I get to see my four-year-old niece …I’m obsessed with my niece!”

“The Shambala equivalent of a Christmas tree is a shrine created with natural elements to celebrate Children’s Day. Buddhists celebrate this holiday on the eve before solstice, representing all that brings light into the darkest time of the year with candles, singing, and gathering of friends.”

Giving back:
“The Independent Mercantile likes to give financial support to Parker Street Food and Furniture Bank on Maynard Street around the holiday season and to Doctors Without Borders (MSF) because they both contribute in such direct practical ways.”

Best gift idea:
The North End toque (from Tuck Shop’s Neighbourhood toque collection, made in Canada) -$38

Wendy is the proprietor of Independent Mercantile at 2091 Gottingen Street where she always has great music playing and enjoys investing in locally made products that make your home cozier. ‪#‎BuyLocalPledge ‬‪#‎GiveNorth‬



Commercial Tax Reform

Coming to Council Soon: Commercial Tax Reform Staff Report 


Back in April 2015 Councillors Mason and Outhit requested a staff report and recommendations for changes to the commercial tax structure and for implementation approaches that shall:

  • Address concerns regarding small and independent businesses in the central business district and main street and commercial corridors
  • Outline options to address these issues
  • Contain pros and cons of various courses of action
  • Be returned for Council consideration no later than October 2015 so consideration can be
  • given by Council prior to the 2016/2017 budget.

NEBA, together with Quinpool Road Area Business Association, submitted a position paper on Commercial Tax Reform to HRM providing input on our issues with the current commercial tax system and suggesting ways to help mitigate the ill-effects of the current tax system on small businesses — particularly those in districts where redevelopment is driving up tax assessments and placing large tax burdens small mainstreet businesses. The full position paper is available HERE, and we will be hosting a NEBA Meet and Greet in the next couple of weeks to present the findings from the research that was conducted over the summer and the details of our position paper.

MOST IMPORTANT: Please stay tuned for an announcement about the HRM Staff Report to Council on Commercial Taxes. If this issue matters to you, it is critical you come to the council meeting and show council that something needs to be done! Once we know when this item is on the council agenda we will send out a message to all members. Please help by spreading the word. Taxes are only going to go up more — possibly like Quinpool, where some businesses experienced 50% increases and more last year. We need to let Council know that such increases can not be absorbed by small businesses, and small businesses on our mainstreets matter. They should not carry a disproportionate share of the burden of taxes for the municipality.


Volunteer Opportunities at Northwood Manor


If you are interested in volunteering at Northwood please contact:Northwood Volunteer ad

Phone: 902-454-3353


Volunteer Title: Bingo Volunteers (Halifax)

Northwood Volunteer Engagement
Position Description:
Bingo Volunteers are required to help in all areas of the Northwood Reboom bingo. All monies raised supports programs and services (not for profit organization). Callers, Card Sellers and Floor Workers. Time commitment one evening per week either Monday or Saturday evenings from 5:30-9:30pm.

Volunteer Title: World of Dance Instructor (Chair Exercises)-(Halifax)

Northwood Volunteer Engagement
Position Description
: Northwood is looking for a responsible individual with good communication skills to co-lead the World of Dance program for a weekly 2 hour shift. This position involves working with in care living residents. The volunteer will assist in portering the residents, welcoming and talking to participants, and facilitating the exercise moves.

Volunteer Title: Bingo Program Leader (Halifax)

Northwood Volunteer Engagement
Position Description:
Volunteer Bingo program leader for a small group of in care living residents at Northwood. Shift would be once a week from 1:30-3:30pm. Volunteer would be required to porter residents to and from the program, set up bingo supplies, call bingo and assist residents.

Volunteer Title: Northwood Spiritual Care Worship Companion (Halifax)

Northwood Volunteer Engagement
Position Description:
To provide one to one support to attend worship services within Northwood. Qualifications – Warm and friendly and comfortable working with resident who require additional support, primarily residents living with dementia.

Volunteer Title: Northwood Ambassadors Program (Halifax)

Northwood Volunteer Engagement

Position Description: We are looking for volunteers who are willing to help with one – 3 hour shift per week either 9:30am-12pm or 12pm-2:30pm at the Halifax site (2615 Northwood Terrace). This position requires the volunteer to be on their feet for 3 hours and to be able to walk throughout the building. The volunteer must have great customer service skills and be able to offer assistance to people with finding locations in the building. The volunteer may be required to push someone in a wheelchair to their destination. The volunteer will need to be aware of all programs and services in Northwood to be able to provide information to residents, visitors, members, staff and volunteers.

Volunteer Title: Café Volunteers (Ivany place-Bedford)

Northwood Volunteer Engagement
Position Description: Café – Our brand new Café is now open and we are looking for volunteers to help between weekdays 11:00-2:00pm, and Tuesday and Thursday evenings 5-7pm


Volunteer Title: Musicians (Ivany place-Bedford) and (Halifax)

Northwood Volunteer Engagement

Position Description: Guitar players, singers, small bands, piano players or other musicians to entertain seniors. Time commitment 2-3 hours per week.

Volunteer Title: Dining Support (Ivany place-Bedford)

Northwood Volunteer Engagement

Position Description: Resident Dining Support volunteers are needed at Ivany Place , 123 Gary Martin Drive Bedford. Times needed – 2 shifts weekly / Any day 11:15AM -2:00PM or 4:15PM-7:00PM (May not need to stay for entire duration of shift).Prepare the dining area for meal including room and table set-up, assist residents arriving for the meal, assist in the serving process. Support positive social interaction. Assist residents with meals who required minimal physical assistance. Assist with clearing of tables.

Volunteer Title: Spiritual Care Initial Visitor (Halifax)

Northwood Volunteer Engagement

Position Description: Initial Visitors will provide each resident and their family with an orientation to the spiritual care services available at Northwood upon admission to in care living. Looking for a friendly person of faith who understands the significance of spiritual care. Time commitment is very flexible.


Volunteer Title: Bartender (Halifax)

Northwood Volunteer Engagement

Position Description:: Looking for a mature, friendly, and responsible person to provide service to bar customers in the Harbourview Lounge at Northwood. Previous experience with Alcohol & Gaming regulations or cash sales an asset. Shifts are 2.5-3.5 hours. Must be 19+.


Volunteer Title: Café assistant (Ivany Place-Bedford)

Northwood Volunteer Engagement

Position Description: Our new Café is now open and we are looking for volunteers to help between 11:00am-2:00pm on weekdays. Located at Ivany Place,123 Gary Martin Drive in Bedford.


Volunteer Title: Support Companion/ visitor (Halifax and Ivany Place-Bedford)

Northwood Volunteer Engagement

Position Description: Opportunity to enhance the lives of our in care residents by reading, walking, and having conversations with them. Must be responsible, dependable, and comfortable working with people with dementia and/or mental health issues. Time commitment of 1 hour weekly.

Volunteer Title: Mobile Library Assistant (Halifax)

Northwood Volunteer Engagement

Position Description: Mature and responsible volunteer required to assist in our mobile library program once every 3 weeks, Friday from 9:00-noon. Tasks include sorting new books then delivering them to in care residents and collecting books to be picked up by the library. Must have good communication skills and be comfortable going into resident rooms.


Volunteer Title: Goody Cart (Halifax)

Northwood Volunteer Engagement

Position Description: Friendly and responsible volunteer needed to run the goody cart for 2 hours each month. Responsibilities include filling up the cart, socially engaging with residents to deliver goodies, then emptying the cart at the end of the visit. Must have good communication skills and be comfortable going into resident rooms.


Phone: 902-454-3353

Employment Opportunity

Job Posting – Outreach & Volunteer Engagement Assistant  

Deadline for Applications: May 12th, 2015

Location: Halifax, NS

Start date: Mid May – Mid July, 8 weeks (Start and end dates flexible, depending on the candidate).

Hours of work: Monday to Friday, 30 per week, with a great deal of flexibility. Evening and weekend day maybe required on occasion.

Remuneration: $13.60/hour

Apply to


About the Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Network

The Health Network is a coalition of community groups, organized labour, faith groups, women’s organizations, students, and individuals. Together, we create a forum for people and communities to discuss issues in health care and come together to advocate for solutions that increase the health and wellness of everyone.

Formed in 1996, the Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network’s goal is to stop the privatization of the public health care system, ensure high levels of care, and extending public health care to include services like pharmacare, dental care, long-term care, mental health care and home care.

The Network grounds its campaigns in the Social Determinants of Health. Our advocacy includes immediate health reforms, while building toward larger strategies of addressing poverty, racism, inadequate housing, education and inequality – barriers to a healthy society.

The Network is political but non-partisan and receives no government funding.


Job description:

The Outreach & Volunteer Engagement Assistant will focus on developing the volunteer network of the organization. The Health Network has launched 2 new campaigns: stopping the privatization of home care, and the elimination of ambulance fees in the province. We are just wrapping up our provincial town hall tour on the future of home care, and about to launch a province wide day of action.

This is an exciting opportunity to build off our momentum and recent connections. As the Outreach and Volunteer Engagement Assistant, you will focus on increasing the scope and effectiveness of the organization’s outreach and raise public awareness on issues in healthcare. You will develop relationships with organizations and volunteers across the province and building the capacity of regional advocacy groups.

The right applicant will be self-directed and eager to pursue creative projects that deepen the engagement of our members, raise the profile of the organization, and further our campaigns. One particular direction (that we’re excited about) could be using media and web platforms to record and share the stories of people who depend on and work in the health system.

The position offers an adaptable environment and the ability to gains skills, connections and knowledge in areas most important to you. Working with the Provincial Coordinator, you will be able to tailor parts of the job to meet your own learning goals.

The Health Network works with a wide array of allies, including labour unions, anti-poverty and social justice organizations, women’s centres, faith groups, students and more.


  • Growing a membership base of individuals and organizations
  • Assisting with organizing rallies, info pickets, sit-ins and other demonstrations
  • Deepening the engagement of volunteers and supporting local chapters
  • Provide administrative support to local community contacts and local committees
  • Organizing profile-raising events to attract new volunteers.
  • Attending committees and meetings
  • Developing outreach and event materials (posters, petitions, banners, memes etc).
  • Social media promotion.


The Health Network is a small organization and as campaigns develop work can vary. Depending on the day, tasks may include assisting with research, organizing events, holding workshops for volunteers, action planning, media engagement etc.



The ideal candidate will have some or all of the following qualifications:

  1. A strong activist or non-profit background and knowledge of current social, political and economics affairs in Nova Scotia, including an understanding of our diverse population
  2. A demonstrated commitment to Public Health Care and an understanding of the broader implications of inequality and oppression on health
  3. Proven experience in the volunteer recruitment & retention
  4. Experience in planning and implementation of volunteer driven campaigns,
  5. Willingness to travel within the province
  6. Capacity to work in coalitions with a wide array of organizations, opinions, and occasionally divergent goals.
  7. An understanding of community-based organizations and the labour movement in Nova Scotia
  8. Capacity to work in a self-directed manner
  9. Excellent computer skills, including experience with web platforms (e.g. twitter, Facebook, Square Space, WordPress) and graphic design (Adobe)
  10. Excellent organizational and time management skills


  • Graphic design
  • Audio/Video skills
  • Web development
  • Fluency in French


To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to James at before midnight on May 12th.


Funding for this position comes from Services Canada – Canada Summer Job Grants.

To be eligible, applicants must

  • be between 15 and 30 years of age at the start of the employment;
  • have been registered as full-time students in the previous academic year and intend to return to school on a full-time basis in the next academic year;
  • be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or person to whom refugee protection has been conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act; and,
  • be legally entitled to work in Canada in accordance with relevant provincial/territorial legislation and regulations.

Open City 2015

Checkout what’s happening in the North End for this years I Love Local HFX Open City – May 9th.

Open City Participants webTake a tasty tour up Gottingen Street

Get your $5 punch card at any of these businesses :
Field Guide, EDNA, Ratinaud French Cuisine, The Nook on Gottingen, Alteregos Cafe & Catering and receive a tasty sampler at each.

Capture the Moment
Pop over to Honeybee Vintage Bridal to take a vintage selfie and share your instagram picture of your purchase at The Independent Mercantile Co. to receive %20 off.

The Carrot Co-op – Membership sale and in-store specials, sampling of handmade lemonade.

Take a rest between Gottingen & Agricola and treat yourself to a $5 Sundae from 10-8pm at Dee Dee’s Icecream.

RIO HFX – Mother’s Day Flower Pop-up with Chelsea Lee Flowers 1:30 til sold out.

Cyclesmith and Nurtured have planned a wonderful family fun day in their parking lot with food trucks and a petting zoo. They will be joined in the parking lot by Smith’s Bakery & Local Source.

Smith’s Bakery will be giving away free mini-cupcakes and selling fresh baked goods.

Local Source will be selling $1.00 homemade Sparkling Lavender Lemon Green Iced Tea & Sparkling Cherry Lime Rooibos Iced Tea. They will also be giving away free coffee cards to be redeemed at Lion & Bright and Buy 2, Get 1 Free loaves of bread cards to be redeemed at Local Source.

Backdoor Takeout

Agricola Street Brasserie – Street Tacos 11:30 – til they are gone…so get there early!

enVie A Vegan Kitchen – $5 JackFruit Tacos with housemade salsa & $4 Tropi-Kale fresh squeezed juice.

North Brewing Co. – $2 off growler fills & $1 off 750ml. Plus an additional $1 off with a receipt from Ace Burger.

Ace Burger – $5 Jughead burgers & get a $1 coupon for a growler fill at North Brewing


Geddes Furniture – Tax Free on all sales including custom orders 10-5

Makenew – BOGO on all jewelry – buy one get the second one half price and a small men’s pop up summer clothes sale.

A full list of participating groups, businesses, organizations will be constantly updated at and as we get closer to the event a Google map will be put together for people to better plan their day.

Stop Gap

Stop Gap

Parker Street Food and Furniture Bank is building ramps to provide better accessibility to local businesses. It is an initiative of the Mayor’s Office in partnership with Halifax Regional Municipality, Parker Street Workshop, and the business improvement districts. NEBA member Hali Deli was the first to receive a custom built ramp just before Christmas. The ramps are great for businesses with single stepped storefronts and while they won’t solve all the accessibility issues in North End, it is a step in the right direction. The hope is it will get people talking about accessibility and the design challenge. If you are a business with single stepped storefront and are interested in a ramp, please contact Patty ( for details. Businesses receiving a ramp are asked to contribute a $25 donation to the Parker Street Workshop to cover the cost of materials. To read more about the Stop Gap initiative, visit

New Executive Director Appointed


The Board is pleased to announce the appointment of David Fleming as the incoming Executive Director for the North End Business Association. As an Economist and Project Development Specialist for the Greater Halifax Partnership for the last 2 1/2 years he performed a variety of leadership roles including developing new programs and funding, project management and research direction all of which will be a tremendous asset to our budding Association. As our outgoing Director, Bernard Smith has positioned the North End as the obvious choice for development, families and small business. We are very excited to have David as part of our Association and look forward to working with him on developing the North End to be the best possible place to live, work and play. If you have any question please don’t hesitate to contact us at or 902-483-1896

The North End Business Association is looking for a new Executive Director.

NEBA is looking for a leader to help us grow and prosper.

Over the past year with positive and unrelenting hard work Bernard Smith has positioned the North End Business Association as the go-to organization for businesses, residents and future developers.

As a new organization we have kept the North End in the media, created awareness at HRM, taken on issues of concern for our members, and promoted the North as the obvious choice for developers, families, and small businesses.

Bernie’s sense of adventure has him soon headed in new directions and NEBA is looking to make a smooth and stable transition to a new leader. This new leader’s mission will be to lead NEBA into its next phase of prosperity in response to the needs of its members.  He/she will work under the governance of the NEBA board of directors, liaise with city officials and members, represent the needs and causes of North End Business, and manage the organization’s finances and human resources.

Candidates should possess extremely good communication skills, experience in fundraising and grant writing, a proven track record for volunteer and staff management and a love and broad understanding of the dynamic needs of the North End business community.

All inquiries can be sent to