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Chapman Auto Body

Contact: Kelvin Campbell
Work 2500 Agricola St B3K 4C2 Work Phone: 902-453-6676 Website:
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Charcuterie Ratinaud French Cuisine

Contact: Frederic Tandy
Work 2157 Gottingen Street Halifax NS B3K 3B3 Work Phone: 902-446-8222 Website:
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Charlie’s Club

Work 5580 Cunard Street Halifax NS B3K 1C4 Work Phone: (902) 429-1401
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Commons Inn

Work 5780 West St B3K 1H8 Work Phone: 902-484-3466
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Cornwallis Street Baptist Church

Contact: Pastor Rhonda Britton
Work 5457 Cornwallis St B3K 5Y2 Work Phone: (902) 429-5573 Website:‎
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Craig’s Garage

Work 2227 Creighton Street Work Phone: (902) 429-7429
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Creative Crossing

Contact: Landon Mallory
Work 2526 Agricola Street B3K 4C1 Work Phone: 902-478-5656 Website:
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CrossFit Kinetics

Work 5687 West Street Halifax NS B3K 1H6 Work Phone: (902) 497-1557 Work Phone: (902) 293-4714 Website:
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CTV Television

Work 2885 Robie St Halifax NS B3K 5Z4 Work Phone: 902-454-3261 Website:
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Cunard Street Children’s Centre

Work 5557 Cunard Street Halifax Nova Scotia
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Contact: Andrew Feenstra
Home 2553 Agricola Street Halifax NS B3K 4C4 Work Phone: 902-425-1756 Website:
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Dee Dee’s

Contact: Ditta Kasdan
Work 5668 Cornwallis Street Halifax Nova Scotia B3N 1B9 Work Phone: 902-221-6614 Website:
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Delmore Buddy Daye Learning Institute

Contact: Jocelyn Dorrington
Home 5539 Cornwallis Street Halifax NS B3K 1B3 Work Phone: (902) 407-3200 Website:
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DeMones Barber Shop

Contact: Jonathan Stickney
Work 3078 Agricola Street Halifax NS B3K 4G3 Work Phone: (902) 444-3366
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Detergency Room Laundromat

Work 5572 Cornwallis Street Halifax NS B3K 1B4 Work Phone: (902) 830-2341
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Dime Salon Inc.

Contact: Meghan Fitzpatrick
Home 5525 Cornwallis St. Halifax NS B2K 1B2 Home Phone: 902-422-3463 Website:
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Direction 180

Work 2158 Gottingen Street B3K 3B4 Work Phone: 902-420-0566
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Distinguished Designs

Contact: Lindsay Anderson
Home 2594 Agricola Street Room 102 Halifax NS Website:
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Doctor Clock

Contact: Tom Francis
Work 5656 Bilby St B3K 1V6 Work Phone: 902-422-1307
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