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The Blackbook Collective

Contact: Michael Burt
Work 5664 Charles St. Halifax NS B3K 1K4 Work Phone: 902-441-2330 Website:
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The Bridge Halifax

Contact: Brianna Orr
Home 5553 Bloomfield St. Halifax NS B3K 1S7 Website:
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The Bus Stop Theatre

Contact: Matt Downey
Work Phone: 1-888-639-1169 Website:
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The Coast

Contact: Christine Oreskovich
Work 2309 Maynard St Halifax NS B3K 1C5 Work Phone: 902-422-6278 Website:
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The Company House

Work 2202 Gottingen Street Halifax NS B3K 3B4 Work Phone: (902) 237-4494 Website:
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The Haligonian Cafe & Bistro

Home 2394 Agricola St. Halifax NS B3K 4B9 Website:
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The Independent Mercantile Co.

Contact: Wendy Friedman
Work 2091 Gottingen St. Halifax NS B3K 3B2 Work Phone: (902) 425-8462
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The Living Room (Theatre)

Work 2353 Agricola Street
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The Marquee Ballroom

Contact: Victor Syperek
Work 2037 Gottingen Street Halifax NS BEk 3B1
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The Mortgage Centre

Contact: Rod MacInnis
Work 5689 Cunard Street Unit B Halifax NS B3K 1C7 Work Phone: (902) 422-6707 Work Fax: (902) 422-6850 Website:
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The Nook on Gottingen

Work 2116 Gottingen St. Halifax NS B3K 2B2 Work Phone: (902) 444-9889 Website:
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The Timber Lounge

Home 2712 Agricola St Halifax B3K 1R6 Canada Work Phone: (902) 453-8627 Website: The Timber Lounge
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Thomes Stores

Work 5580 Cornwallis Street
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Time Space Media

Work 2570 Agricola Street Halifax Nova Scotia B3K 4C6 Work Phone: 902-429-8463 Website:
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Top Notch Skin Care

Home 5689 Cunard St Halifax B3K 4B4 Canada Work Phone: (902) 463-2626 Website: Top Notch Skin Care
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Total Kneads

Work 5555 Sullivan Street Halifax Ns B3K 1X6 Work Phone: 902-422-0254 Website:
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TransAction Business Services

Contact: Shari-Lynn Hiltz
Work 5556 Bloomfield St. Halifax NS Work Phone: 902-406-3053 Work Fax: 902-453-6848 Website:
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Ultramar Gas & Convenience Store

Work 2816 Gottingen Street Halifax Nova Scotia B3K 3C9 Home Phone: (902) 454-0685 Website:
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Veith House

Contact: Tamsyn Brennan
Work 3115 Veith St. Halifax NS B3K 3G9 Work Phone: 902-453-4320 Website:
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Vélo Apartments

Contact: Ross Cantwell
Work 2330 Gottingen St. PO box 8474 Halifax NS B3K 5M2 Home Phone: 902-497-7338 Website:
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