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2 Colored Guys

Contact: Donald Brown
Home 5663 Cornwallis St., S103 Halifax B3K 1B6 Work Phone: 420-9553
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31 Westgate

Contact: Kenneth McRobbie
Work 2698 Agricola Street B3K 4C9 Work Phone: 902-457-3131
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4Cs Foundation

Contact: Terri Whetstone
Work 5763 May Street B3K 1R6 Work Phone: 902-422-4805 Website:
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A Tiny Lab for Early Learning

Contact: Jillian Farris
Home 2169 Gottingen Street (entrance/exit at 2240 Maitland St) Home Phone: 220-4545 Website:
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Abode Boutique

Contact: Daun Windover
Work 5881 Almon Street Halifax NS B3K 1T7 Work Phone: (902) 406-4886 Website:
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Accomplice Content

Contact: Bob Mills
Home 2584 Agricola St. Halifax NS B3K 4C6 Work Phone: 902-429-6617 Website:
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Ace burger Co.

Contact: Leo Christakos
Work 2605 Agricola St. Hlaifax NS B3K 5E3 Work Phone: (902)449-1595 Website:
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Agora Cafe

Contact: Kubi Gonul
Home 2394 Agricola St. Halifax NS B3K 4B9 Work Phone: (902) 404-7020
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Agricola Holistic Health

Contact: Courtney Nickerson
Home 5689 Cunard St Halifax NS B3K 4B4 Home Phone: 902-429-1427 Website:
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Agricola Street Brasserie

Contact: Rachel Knox
Work 2540 Agricola St. Halifax NS B3K 4C5 Work Phone: 902.446.7664 Website:
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Almanac Antiques, Books and Records

Home 2820 Isleville Street Halifax NS Work Phone: 902-455-1141
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Alteregos Cafe & Catering

Contact: Michelle Strum
Home 2193 Gottingen Street Halifax Nova Scotia B3K 3B5 Work Phone: 902-431-3170 Website: Website
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Amazing Space Interiors

Contact: Lynzie MacIsaac
Work 5659 Almon Street Halifax NS Work Phone: 902-407-7211 Website:
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Amos Wood

Contact: Jeff Amos
Work 2445 Agricola Street Halifax NS B3K 4B9 Work Phone: (902) 407-7772 Website:
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Answer 365

Home 2829 Agricola St Halifax NS B3K 4E5 Work Phone: 902-453-0700 Website:
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Army Navy Air Force Club

Home 2409 Maynard St B3k 3V2 Work Phone: 902-425-3514
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Army Navy Store

Contact: Erick Corkum
Home 2660 Agricola Street Halifax NS B3K 4C9 Work Phone: 902-454-4330 Website:
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Art Bikers

Home 5663 Cornwallis St Halifax NS
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Home 553l Cornwallis Street B3K 1B3 Work Phone: 902-463-5996
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