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The North End Business Association consists of commercial properties, and businesses renting in commercial properties, within the geographic boundaries of an HRM approved business improvement district (BID). Member businesses pay a tax levy that sustains the BID association, and in exchange, member businesses receive services from the association according to the BID mission:

  • To create policies, events, awareness and momentum to build upon a successful, resilient business community;
  • To be an influential advocate for the best conditions for sustainable business growth; and
  • To support the development and retention of a diverse, inclusive and vibrant North End.

In effort to promote the North End as “the place to do business,” NEBA is offering an Associate Membership to all businesses, including home-based businesses, within the NEBA Associate Membership Area (see map.)  Applicants must actively demonstrate they support the mission of the BID, and may be contracted to perform services, asked to volunteer on committees, or approached to partner on initiatives.


Associate Members are eligible for: Associate Members are NOT eligible for:
Promotion (Directory, social media) Voting privileges within the association
Access to Group Health Insurance Plan Enhanced maintenance
Business to business connections Board positions
Updates and newsletters from NEBA
Sponsorship Opportunities
Invitations to member events and learning opportunities
Support for initiatives that align with NEBA’s strategic plan

Associate Membership is approved at the discretion of the NEBA board of directors. Applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis and membership expires for renewal one year after approval. The tiered Associate Membership fee is dependent on the type and nature of the business.

Home-based business with 2 or less employees and non-profits: $100

Businesses with 1 – 3 employees: $150

Businesses with 3+ employees: $200

If you are interested in joining the Association please fill out the NEBA ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION and send back to our office:

North End Business Association
206-2099 Gottingen Street
Halifax, NS
B3K 3B2

or you can email to 

Membership runs from April 1st – March 31st.